The challenge of unstable power supply in Nigeria is not a new song in the country.  Over the years, efforts have been made to drive in investments in power generations, transmission and distribution nationwide. One of the key initiatives introduced by Federal Government is Prepaid Meters, in a way of preventing estimated billings, and getting returns on investment. 

With all these efforts, the challenges in getting the Prepaid Meters still remain, Nigerians spend hundreds  of thousands on bribes and settlements before acquiring one. 

This is why we have come with a mini solution to Nigerians by introducing Units Meter Counter. 

The Units Meter Counter helps to share Prepaid Meters in flats, offices, shops, water pumps, etc.  

With this Units Meter Counter, you can conveniently share a Prepaid Meter with your neighbors without over or under charging any one using the same Prepaid Meter. 

But firstly, allow me to explain how you are charged using a Prepaid meter for those who have no knowledge of this.

What is widely known as unit(s) that Nigerian electricity distribution companies (ABUJA DISCO, BEDC,EKEDC ENUGU DISCO, IBEC, IKEDC, JEDC, KAEDCO, KANO Electricity, PH DISCO) sell to its customers are known to be Kilowatts Per Hours (KWhs). 

This Unit Meter Counter displays KWhs, Electricity Voltages (add what it display here)